About me


After my parents met in an orchestra, I was born in 1987 in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. Growing up with the beats of the ‘90’s and ‘00’s my interest for groove was born. I combine my work with motherhood, in 2017 Noortje was born and in 2019 Lars came into this world.


- Bachelor in Music Education 2009 

- Bachelor in Choral Direction Pop & Jazz 2011 

- Master in Vocal Leadership 2015 

Artistic Leader

Pitch Control Aarhus Vocal Festival (AAVF) (Denmark) choir competition winners 2015 

VOÏSZ - BALK Top Festival (Dutch pop and jazz choral championships) winners 2015 

- MAZE BALK Top Festival winners 2017 

MAZE Aca Idols New York winners 2018 

- MAZE Choir of the year 2018  

Educational positions and activities

- Head of studies Vocal Leadership, Codarts conservatory since 2015  

- Conductor of the year 2018 (national competition) 

- Concerts, workshops, coaching & training internationally on a regular basis  

- During Covid-19 pandemic developed diverse online programs and educational projects 

- Member of The Real Group Academy

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